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Fernanda helps people radically heal and deeply transform their relationships in order to realize their full potential.


Compassionate Relationships Expert

Hi There,

I am Fernanda Medina, M.A. and and I am a compassionate relationship’s expert who has been supporting and helping conscious individuals, couples, parents, adolescents and families over 30 years to radically heal and transform their relationships.

I want to share with you that as a family therapist with more than 20 years of experience in working with couples and families with very good results, things got real for me when my relationship with my 18 year old son became so challenging that I felt desperate, lost and thought we would never be reconnected. I was having problems with my husband and we spent most of the time arguing and hurting each other. This dynamic was affecting the family as a whole. We did our best to solve our conflicts and thought that our behaviors and the ways in which we were trying to solve our problems would really help us make things better. It was totally the opposite! We were losing our family! 

I felt desperate, isolated, lost, lonely, not loved, not accepted, and disconnected. 

I started applying the tools that couples and families I was working with were using so successfully using and my relationship with my son totally shifted. We now have a friendly and understanding relationship.


Fernanda Medina
  • B.A. in Clinical Psychology,
  • M.A. in Systemics Family and Couples Therapy,
  • M.A. in Ericksonian Hypnosis,
  • Master in Brief Strategic Therapy,
  • M.A in Gestalt & Systemics Therapy.
  • EMDR, PSYCH-K®. Holistic Wellness, Nutrition, Bioenergy, and Yoga.

What did I do differently that radically transformed my relationships?

I applied the strategies my clients had been learning from our sessions, and applying all along in their relationships with great results.

I started feeling good again in my own skin, I was feeling passionate about life, my work, my relationships and about the activities I used to love. I had taken ownership of myself and my life, I healed and was able to radically transform my relationship with myself and my loved ones.

I currently keep using compassionate communication tools in the relationship with myself and in the relationship with my partner, this has kept it filled with understanding, respect, connection, compassion, joy, playfulness, honesty, integrity, fun, grace, adventure, openness and romance.

The reason I became a family therapist, hypnotherapist, coach, wellness consultant, and a healer in the first place is because I LOVE and tremendously ENJOY helping people go from disconnection and isolation, lack of acceptance, powerlessness, shame, guilt, depression, dis-ease, and harmful relationships to feeling amazing about themselves, having compassionate relationships, living this life with joy, and fulfilling their true potential.

I really believe we can all heal and radically transform our relationships with the right strategies and tool, the way my clients have done it, and the way I did it. I am here to guide and support you!

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Heal your Mind

Remember that healing is not linear, but with patience, compassion, and dedication, you pave the path towards a brighter, more fulfilling existence.

Heal your Heart

 When we understand and acknowledge our needs in any relationship, observe and express the facts without interpreting, express our true feelings and make requests from our heart, we develop a shared foundation for much more satisfying , healthy and connected relationships. 

Heal your body

It’s about listening to the whispers of your body, honoring its needs, and responding with love and understanding.