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Online program

Understanding the Adolescent Brain and how it Impacts their Mind, Behavior, and Relationships

Are you struggling in the relationship with your teens or adolescents?

Are you interested in truly understanding them better?

If you are a parent of an adolescent, or you know someone you care
about who is, and are willing to shift your relationship with your teens or adolescents…

Welcome to this online program specially designed for you!


Online Parenting Program

For who?

This online program for parents is designed to support and help you radically transform your relationship and to be better equipped to guide them through this vital and challenging developmental stage into adulthood with harmony, respect, ease, and grace. All from the comfort of your home.

How will it work?

In order to heal and transform your relationships we will go through these Key Topics:

What is adolescence?

  • De-myth-ifying, and truly understanding the essence of adolescence.

The adolescent brain and its impact on their mind (thought processes), behaviors and relationships.

  • You will understand the reasons adolescents make the decisions they make, the underlying need to push away, to be peer oriented, to explore and why they view the world in a totally different way. 

The importance of integration

  • You will learn tools that will allow yourself and your adolescent to establish healthy boundaries so that you can honor and be respectful of each other.

Identifying and transforming the triggers in the relationship and in your communication.

Compassionate communication.

  • Deeply listening and understanding your adolescent.
  • Reading the underlying messages in communication, being present and avoiding escalation.

Attachment models

  • Identify the one or ones you use in your relationships in order to transform these, and the relationship dynamic between you and your adolescent.
  • Creating secure attachment – feeling seen, safe, and soothed.

The impact of social media and screen time in the behaviors and emotions of adolescents to enable them to re-engage with family members, and life.

Positive Vs. Negative reinforcing behaviors

Price: 80$/h 

Next program: May 28th


Program Benefits

Better understanding of the developmental stage your children are going through: physiologically, emotionally and in their thought process

-Clear boundaries

-Strategies to communicate without escalades

-Sense of peace and feeling heard

Re-connection, respect and compassion

-Feeling seen, soothed and safe

-Healthy habits for better development of the adolescent brain, mind, behaviors and relationships

-Better understanding of the dopamine effect in relation to decision making, taking risks, use of substances

-Being present – a gift for your adolescent

-Deeply and radically understanding and accepting who she or he is

-Relationship with technology and screens

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