Every behavior communicates something, every interaction is communication.


Are you hungry for skills that can improve the quality of your relationships, that can deepen your sense of personal empowerment or that can simply help you communicate more effectively? Then you are in the right place.

Who do I help? Individuals, couples, families and groups radically heal and deeply transform their relationships into compassionate, connected and loving ones by helping hem discover the core issues to their needs, emotions and behaviors with themselves and others, and to translate and transform them into healthy, harmonious and compassionate ways of communicating  and behaving in their relationships.


Are you in a compassionate relationship with the people you love?

These sessions are for anyone who wants to improve a relationship with themselves, their partner, family, child or friend. The strategy I am using to create a compassionate relationship have helped people with depression, OCD, saved people from divorces and improved relationships.


If you’re struggling in your relationship with your child or with their isolation, lack of respect, disinterest in life, and addiction to screens and technology and feeling frustrated, lost, and as if nothing you do makes your relationship better, but you hold on to the hope of radically transforming your relationship into one of connection, understanding, respect and compassion, then the following information is for you!

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Maybe you don’t know if this is the right fit for you or if you should choose to workshop instead of a one to one session? Book a FREE 15min Consultation with me to talk about your situation and what would fit your needs better.

‘Quality relationships are key to the survival, thriving and

success of any community or group.”

-Monica Sharma


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“Fernanda’s gentle guidance and sound advice are improving our family dynamic. We are taking her “Radically transform the relationship with your adolescent – Understanding their Brain and the Impact on their Mind, Behavior, and Relationships” with a group of parents and it is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the teenage brain and collaborate as a group while being guided by Fernanda. Her life experience as a mother and a therapist is invaluable!”

Keri Cole

Professional Tech Manager

“Fernanda has been a fundamental part of my personal growth and development since a couple of years ago. Working with a person like her, who has so much knowledge about teenagers, has allowed me to improve my relationship with myself on different levels. She has helped me learn new techniques and tools to identify my emotions and handle them wisely. I am really happy to have someone so empathic and patient, as a guide while learning more about myself!”

Anali Paredes


“We were struggling with our 6-year-old son’s behavior. It didn’t matter what we would do or say, nothing seemed to work. He was acting out at school and behaved in a way that was hurting himself emotionally. Luckily, I found Fernanda who’s helping us communicate with our son, and also understand him. She has given us tools to work with and we can already after three sessions see changes in how we communicate and behave as a family. Before working with Fernanda I was feeling stressed, not knowing what to do but now I feel relieved and hopeful.”


Ready to Make a Change?

Human relationships can be a great source of happiness and fulfillment, on the other hand, they can also be infinitely complicated, often stressful, difficult and  a source of stress – Esther Perell