Our efforts as human beings are motivated by our underlying yearning for happiness and the feeling of being loved.

As humans, we have an underlying belief that it is possible to relate to others in ways that will consistently bring Love and therefore happiness into our lives.         

“We strive to attain material things (money, possessions, etc.) in the hope that we will then be in a better position to attract the love and thus the feeling of happiness that we are seeking”. 

Interestingly, even though Humans are biologically built to Love, and Love connects us to each other, relationships do not thrive on love alone. Love is one of the most profound emotions known to human beings and connects us to each other, but it is the quality of relationships and not just the Love, that are essential for health and well-being.  Quality and healthy relationships are essential for humans to feel happy and to feel loved. However, quality and healthy connections and relationships need to be learned.