Humans are social creatures and need to be in relationships in order to survive.

Relationships are at the very core of our existence and have a lot to do with how we’ve evolved, as a species.

Every organism on this planet is ruled by a fundamental biological imperative that propels them to be in community, to be in relationship with other organisms.

Whether we are thinking about it consciously or not, our biology is pushing us to bond. The coming together of individuals in community (starting with two) is a force that drives biological evolution. From an evolutionary perspective, you literally wouldn’t be here without being connected to other humans.

Human beings are not meant to be alone. We are neurologically hardwired to connect with each other. Relationships are crucial to our survival as a human race. They facilitate our reproduction, provide love and a nurturing environment for our development, enhance our life opportunities and extend our survival. So, even if we are survivor’s of multiple failed relationships, we keep trying. But we don’t persist just for the good times. We persist because we are designed to bond.

Humans need not just to survive, they also need to flourish and thrive.

In order to flourish and thrive, the quality of the bonds we make in our lives is essential. Quality relationships are key to our health and wellbeing because they provide love and a nurturing environment for our development.

Furthermore, close relationships actually shape who we are along the lifespan.